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In recent times there are unique challenges and opportunities facing the water sector and indeed society at large. While some of these issues have been considered at past PFI forums, others have emerged or come into sharper focus based on our collective insights gained in recent years. While it may be tempting to focus on today’s unprecedented problems and the vexing unpredictability we all face, the water sector has a unique role to play in helping communities and society address the challenges we must come to terms with.


PFI believes that there are compelling examples and ideas that can inform , encourage, and inspire our sector. In response we are planning new approaches that will both shine a light on solutions and foster collaboration. We will not only define the major priorities – both challenges and opportunities – facing the sector but will, through specific examples, highlight how revolutionary thinking, approaches, innovation, and leadership can address these issues.

Stoney River


Providing platforms and programs structured for deep sharing, discovery, and collaboration.

Creating a unique and empathetic space where current and future leaders can meet and learn from each other.

Preparing the next generation of leaders by engaging them in examining today’s water challenges from a leadership perspective.

Inspiring connection and creative solutions.

Programs: Programs

Study and dialog including those at Partnering for Impact events have identified some of the attributes and factors that enable innovation, including:

  • Direction from elected and executive leaders who can set the vision and are willing to “be the first,”

  • The presence of executive leaders who grasp how to manage risk and who can also inspire and involve a wide variety of stakeholders,

  • The growth of a highly skilled, empowered, and agile staff,

  • The ability to transform communications to practice true engagement,

  • An understanding of the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and a commitment to equity in the broadest sense.

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