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A platform for 
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Partnering for Impact at a Glance

The goal of Partnering for Impact (PFI) is to build stronger utility/university/industry collaborations in the water sector for innovation and find areas where our efforts can create a positive impact. Water agencies, cities, counties, utilities, research funders, and universities actively addressing water issues are increasingly recognizing the value of partnering. In addition, we can work together to promote national leadership in the water sector. Intentional collaboration can help drive innovation, increase the adoption of solutions, and enhance both resilience and ecosystem health, all while considering the needs of local economies.

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Guiding principles:

Accelerating Collaboration

Showcasing Others’ Contributions

Enhancing Sector Legitimacy

Supporting Individual/ Organizational Success in our Sector

Influencing Positive Transformations

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Image by Erda Estremera

How does Partnering for Impact Contribute?

Providing platforms and programs structured for deep sharing, discovery, and collaboration

Supplying a unique and empathetic space where current and future leaders can meet and learn from each other

Preparing the next generation of leaders by engaging them in examining today’s water challenges from a leadership perspective

Inspiring connections and solutions

PFI believes in the power of storytelling and the impact individual leaders can and have had on sector change. In 2021, we engaged a diverse group of public sector water CEOs in deep, frank, one-on-one conversations. Each CEO shared their personal, organizational, and leadership stories with a focus on transformational change as well as on their career journeys, key successes, individual motivations, and survival tips. We share our insights on leadership, vision, engagement, authenticity, and personal resilience in PFI’s first publication of 2022, Staying Above Water, Lessons Learned from Water Sector Change Leaders.

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Paul O’Callaghan

Founder and Cheif Executive Officer, BlueTech Research

Challenging how we think about water

"Partnering for Impact provides the water community with spaces for deep dialog and exploration that are simply unmatched. Conversations at the inaugural Partnering for Impact Forum, around the need for accessible and positive stories about water and innovation, provided the spark that led to the creation of the Brave Blue World documentary. I look forward to collaborating further with PFI and the water community to grow our vision, amplify our positive messages, and advance our collective impact."

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“Partnering for Impact events are successful based upon the participants' passion, commitment, and willingness to share. I learned that my water-sector colleagues have very similar visions and goals, and by working more purposefully together, we are likely to achieve even more ambitious goals. I welcome others to join this process and I am committed to moving our aspirations into action - together.”

Rick Warner
President, Warner, and Associates

Supporting Organizations

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"Being an engineer may have helped me attain leadership roles but effectively leading involves other skills especially empathy, communication, and the ability to relate to a wide range of people."

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“There is an opportunity for the water sector to use transformative disruption to better respond to the needs and opportunities that face our world. By working together, we can identify lighthouses or examples that shine a light on the way forward for us all. “

“Partnering for Impact and the conversations it led about a shared vision for water helped accelerate the development of a National Water Cluster for Denmark. “

Raynetta Marshall

Chief Operating Officer, JEA
Jacksonville, FL

Claus Homann

Chief Operations Officer

Chief of Strategic Development

Aarhus Vand


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